Photography has the ability to create a work of art that accurately documents a real object or scene. But at the same time, it allows the photographer the flexibility to interpret the scene through the many options he or she has to create the photograph, such as choice of composition, tone, color saturation and the myriad of other adjustments that the digital workflow offers. My goal is to attempt to instill in the viewer the same feeling that I had when I viewed the scene, be that awe of the world's beauty, a feeling of peaceful contemplation, or some other feeling altogether. Landscape and nature photography are the principle areas of focus of my work, but urban and architecture subjects are also in my portfolio.


The range of my subjects is quite broad, but in general, I strive to capture the interplay of natural light with both natural and man made scenes and objects. I work in both color and black and white. While I cannot resist recording the vast array of colors one finds in nature, I often find subjects and scenes that lend themselves to interpretation using the dramatic and subtle tones of monochrome images. One of the most important aspects of my work is the creation of a final print of the image, which I do myself using an Epson fine art, wide format printer along with archival fine art paper. Although the presentation and sharing of photographs with digital devices is an important part of photography today, the well printed image is, to me, still the best way to enjoy a photograph. 


On this web site, please explore with me this photography that reflects my interpretation of the beauty and reality of our world. Prints of all landscapes, seascapes and city views are available for purchase, either unmounted or custom mounted to fit a frame of your specification. If you are looking for portrait work or photos of your home or garden, and you are in the Philadelphia PA metropolitan area or the Lake Tahoe area, I welcome discussing your needs.

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Rich Edwards